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  • How value is the new corporate currency


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Ed Evarts

Author, Speaker & Leadership Coach

Ed Evarts is a life-long business executive and people connector. He has a passion for helping your employees find success in the work they want to do. By designing strategies to raise your employee’s visibility and value in your organization and industry, challenging conscious and unconscious behaviors that do not help your employees, and identifying patterns that limit or accelerate their career, Ed helps ensure your employees are making choices that create progress and success.

Ed is a prolific speaker and writer on the topic of visibility enhancement and value generation in organizations. Today’s fast-changing and fast-paced workplaces can easily leave your employees behind unless your employees are proactively working to be visible and add value. Ed works with individual clients and organizations to ensure business professionals maintain their visibility and relevance.

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Raise Your Visibility Indicator

A self-paced online assessment which simplifies organization and industry visibility by providing your employees insight into areas where visibility comes to life.

In a full-color PDF report, your employees will benchmark their visibility in critical areas such as interaction, participation, and reputation. Additionally, your employees will instantly receive actionable suggestions on how to improve their visibility in areas that warrant their attention.

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Visibility Accelerator #7 – Manage Your Reputation

Visibility Accelerator #6 – Engage with Industry Associations

Visibility Accelerator #5 – Participate with a Purpose

Visibility Accelerator #4 – Interact with Others

Visibility Accelerator #3 – Be Responsive

Visibility Accelerator #2 – Be Accessible

Visibility Accelerator #1 – Introduce Yourself

Adding Value in Three Areas

7 Behaviors that Increase your Visibility

Having a Conversation with your Boss



Visibility accelerators list

Take a peek at the seven visibility accelerators and use the visibility activity grid to begin building your unique plan.

Value identification exercise

Use the value identification exercise to help you identify which of your projects is adding value and which of your projects is not.

Words that describe a good reputation

Use the attached Words that Describe a Good Reputation document as an idea generator for your unique reputation statement.

Visibility activity map

Use the visibility activity grid to create new visibility activities, establish some timing, identify first steps, and overcome risks that can alter your plans.

Introduce yourself

Manage your reputation to new colleagues and make a great first impression.

Be accessible

Allow colleagues to reach you and benefit from the interaction.

Be responsive

Get back to your colleagues to foster progress.

Interact with others

Engage one-to-one with colleagues in your organization and industry.

Participate with a purpose

Engage in one-to-many activities with colleagues in your organization and industry.

Engage with industry associations

Interact and participate with colleagues outside of your organization.

Manage your reputation

How your colleagues think or speak about you when you are not present.